Fresh Roast Coffee in Shanghai Has a New Look

 YOMO Coffee recently celebrated its fourth anniversary offering fresh roast coffee in Shanghai. Thank you very much for all your wonderful support. Hi, I’m Morris, founder of YOMO Artisan Roast Coffee. I’d like to let you know there are some changes in the air. First you see that we have brightened up the site a […]

Coffee Grinders For The Best Tasting Fresh Roast Coffee

Coffee is a complex product. From growing the beans, to harvesting, washing, importing and roasting, there are many steps that are mostly out of your hands. But two important steps are completely under your control: how you grind your coffee and how you brew it. Let’s focus on coffee grinders.

How Do You Roast Coffee Beans?

The wonderful aroma and flavor of a cup of coffee all begins with the coffee bean. A dark roast coffee will taste much different from a lighter roast coffee.  It is all about the roast of the coffee.  How do you roast coffee beans? You as a connoisseur of the better things in life, you […]

Coffee Roasting – What Do You Do When Starbucks Coffee Opens Next Door?

I remember growing up on the farm remembering my parents as they enjoyed their morning coffee. The coffee of choice was purchased in a sealed tin can already ground.  My mother made it in a percolator. Local coffee roasting was unheard of at the time. Fast forward from the 60’s to today. I found a […]

African Sunrise Blend Fresh Roasted Coffee

Fans of African Sunrise Blend Fresh Roasted Coffee can thank Sir Charles Cecil Farquharson Dundas.  He was the district commissioner of the Moshi area in Tanzania during the 1920’s.  He popularized coffee production in the area and founded the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union (KNCU).   KNCU is now owned by more than 60,000 farmers from about […]

Costa Rican Coffee Growers Diversify for Profit

One of my favorite coffees is Costa Rican Coffee.  I do enjoy most Latin American coffees though. When I read about the difficulties the Costa Rica estates were having it gave me concern. When coffee growers cannot make a profit, they go out of business and have to abandon the estate.  These estates are not […]

Best Coffee in Pittsburgh

I’m new in town.  One of the very first items on my to-do list is to find the Best Coffee in Pittsburgh. Great coffee is important to me.  It needs to be fresh roasted. The history of Pittsburgh goes back to the late 1700’s. University of Pittsburgh originating in 1797. The city is filled with […]

How to brew great coffee

We’ve talked about the pros and cons of different coffee grinders – that was the first step. Once the beans are ground, it’s time to brew them, and that’s just as crucial for a perfect cup of coffee.

How To Make Shanghainese Seasoned Salad and Cooking Oil

I enjoy cooking with olive oil.  Even though there is such a wide selection of oils on the market and most very inexpensive in comparison, I’m still cooking with olive oil.  Why?  Because I like the taste that it adds to the dish I am making. Oils are used for a number of reasons on […]

How Much #Coffee is #Produced in #Colombia?

Colombia is one of the world’s top coffee producers.  It is believed that coffee arrived in Colombia by way of a Jesuit priest sometime in the 1730’s. Colombia’s first export was a shipment of 2500 pounds that arrived in the United States in 1835.  By 1860, coffee was one of the dominant Colombian agricultural exports. […]