Dancing GoatsFollowing coffee through the centuries.  First in a series.

According to legend, the magic of the coffee bean was first discovered sometime around the fifth or sixth century by a goat herder in the area we know as Ethiopia.

Goats were usually allowed to roam and graze freely eating pretty much anything wanted.  One night rather than sleeping through the night, they were awake frolicking and dancing.

The next day, the goat herder followed the goats and discovered they found a plant with bright red cherries. After eating the cherries, he found the goats dancing around quite abnormally again.

Taking the berries to a local monastery, the goat herder showed the beans to the monk.  The monk did some experimenting.  He boiled the cherries in water and tasted the brew.  The monk experienced something magical. His pulse quickened and though it was evening, he was quite awake.

He shared the beverage with his fellow monks.  Everyone enjoyed it because they were able to stay awake while praying during evening prayers.

Next… Coffee beans soon traveled beyond the Ethiopian borders.

Photo Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters