Our stay in Saarbrucken has come to an end.  In July it seemed as though four months would be a very long time. The stay was wonderful as we found little creature comforts to help us through the summer and fall. 

As I mentioned earlier, I roast coffee in Shanghai. Enjoying great coffee was very important to me for our short Germany stay.  And an excellent source for coffee beans was found the very first week we arrived. 

Herr Menn and I had several conversations. He even introduced me to his nephew one Saturday morning. That is when I learned Herr Menn was really ‘Uncle Willy’ to many.

There is more than just coffee in Die Kaffeebohne.  Herr Menn has a wonderful assortment of tea, chocolates and other candies. He even had cough drops. I had come down with a cold and he found them on his shelf.

So, it’s farewell to Saarbrucken and hello to Shanghai not missing a drop of coffee.