Have you ever eaten Gourmet Popcorn with Chopsticks?

One of my favorite snacks is popcorn. I eat popcorn a lot. A time in my life when I didn’t eat much popcorn was when I was in Shanghai.

When I found it, I was excited. But then when I tasted it, the excitement went away.  It didn’t taste very good.  It was poorly popped questionable additives. I just didn’t care for it like i enjoy fresh popped popcorn.

Well, now I’m back in the States.  I’m back to eating popcorn again.

Currently, I use a hot air popper.  It produces very large popped corn.  Very good.

Add topping to the Popcorn

As you know, a very important component to popcorn is the topping. When popped by air, popcorn is light, fluffy and bland.

I currently eat my popcorn two ways. With butter and salt, or butter, olive oil and salt.  Tastes very good either way.

Now add chopsticks.

In spite of the fact, my popcorn is tasty, it is messy.  With the fresh butter and oil on it, my fingers become sticky.  It messes up the keyboard. I constantly need to wash my hands if I want to do anything else.

Well, I got this bright idea.  Why not use chopsticks?

So I gave it a try.  It works amazingly well. Why, you may ask?

Here are a few. First, my fingers don’t get greasy. That means I can eat my popcorn and work at my desk an nothing gets greasy.

Secondly, I get practice using my chopsticks.  When I need to seriously eat food Chinese style, I am much better at it.  I can pick up one kernel, two, or more if I wish. But I usually don’t try.

Finally, since I don’t grab a handful at a time, I spend more time eating it.  I eat less at a time and that is good for me.

Next time you pop some gourmet popcorn, give it a try. You just find you like it this way.  I don’t always eat my popcorn this way. Once in a while I need to revert to the old way and just get my hands greasy.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Morris,

    I meet you on my blog. What a wonderful site you have here. Very well done!

    What a fun idea! Grease less hands to boot. I don’t think you can get better pop corn that just salt and butter. I haven’t tried it with olive oil though. I might like that better. Thanks for the idea.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Stephen.
      A friend of mine also recommended using coconut oil as a flavoring. But I agree with you that at the end of the day, good old butter and salt does the job.

  2. Haha, that would certainly be an interesting way to eat popcorn. I was in Shanghai quite a while back (in fact, I might have tasted my first microwaved popcorn there). I’m still having trouble with popcorn. I feel that it’s a kind of food that doesn’t go down easy. But I suppose chopsticks always help make food taste better?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sabrina. When we package ideas differently, we produce new and creative solutions. And that is what we have in this case. Enjoy.

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