I’m new in town.  One of the very first items on my to-do list is to find the Best Coffee in Pittsburgh.

Great coffee is important to me.  It needs to be fresh roasted.

The history of Pittsburgh goes back to the late 1700’s. University of Pittsburgh originating in 1797. The city is filled with hills and valleys. Pittsburgh is the home of more than 400 bridges.

The landscape of shops that serve coffee in Pittsburgh has the usual Goliath. And there are so many other shops offering great coffee. The oldest coffee shop Nicolas Coffee Company dating back to early 1900’s. The other, Prestogeorge has been around since the 1940’s. 

Newer coffee shops like Crazy Mocha in the Squirrel Hill area offer a wonderful environment to sit with a friend

Enjoy great coffee from the Nut Inside offering fresh roast coffee delivered to your home or office in Pittsburgh, the USA and Canada. In my humble opinion, the best coffee in Pittsburgh.