Costa Rican Tarrazu CoffeeOne of my favorite coffees is Costa Rican Coffee.  I do enjoy most Latin American coffees though.

When I read about the difficulties the Costa Rica estates were having it gave me concern.

When coffee growers cannot make a profit, they go out of business and have to abandon the estate.  These estates are not very large, but it still bothers me.

Once several estates are no longer producing, yield drops and prices escalate or we have shortages, or both.

As owners repair their estates they do things. First they make the estate better and they educate themselves better.

The estates are made better by planting hardier trees that produce more.  Typically a tree produces about a pound of coffee beans each year.  The more the yield increases, the better.

The estate owners become educated in better management practices. They know that if the can be certified and produce organic beans, they will make more money.

Additionally, the coffee bean producers find new ways to add value to their product. An example is to sell roasted coffee that is much more profitable than selling green beans.  Coffee beans are a commodity. Roasted coffee is unique.

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