Fans of African Sunrise Blend Fresh Roasted Coffee can thank Sir Charles Cecil Farquharson Dundas.  He was the district commissioner of the Moshi area in Tanzania during the 1920’s.  He popularized coffee production in the area and founded the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union (KNCU).   KNCU is now owned by more than 60,000 farmers from about 90 primary cooperatives.

The first growers were of the Chagga tribe. Sir Charles’ influence earned him the title Wasaoye-o-Wachagga, Elder of the Chagga.

Fresh Roasted Coffee from KNCU

The flavor of the coffee beans from KNCU are mild and smooth with hints of black current and citrus.  The secret to lies in the fact they plant banana trees  among the coffee trees.  The benefit is that the coffee beans mature more slowly in the shade of the banana trees. Natural sugars enhance the natural flavor.

KNCU also runs a tourism business which helps support the sometimes variable coffee revenue. Key to successful farming practices is diversity of crops. Not only do they grow coffee, they also grow bananas and many other fruits and vegetables.

Coffee in the area dates back to 1898 when it was first planted by a Catholic Missionary and later by German Settlers.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Smooth and Mild

Arabica coffee grows on the sloped at an elevation of 1000m to 2000m. Coffee is washed, finely balanced and due to the mountain’s rich volcanic soil and is prized for its body, acidity and flavor.  Among the best in the world. Due to various elevations, the area has several micro climates.  Micro climates help product various.

Originally, the coffee was grown organically. Chemicals were introduced in the 1960’s but were phased out for the last ten years. About one third of the growers are certified organic.

African Sunrise Coffee has an intense and vivid flavor. It’s snappy and strong yet relaxing.  African Sunrise is available in regular and decaffeinated.

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