I remember growing up on the farm remembering my parents as they enjoyed their morning coffee. The coffee of choice was purchased in a sealed tin can already ground.  My mother made it in a percolator. Local coffee roasting was unheard of at the time.

Fast forward from the 60’s to today.

I found a wonderful article about a coffee shop in Kansas City. It’s a story of coffee roasting success. In 1992, Sara Honan opened Broadway Roasting Company. Sara called it a cool place to hang out.

Sara was the first of many coffee shops to open in Kansas City.  Then one day in 1998, the unthinkable happened.  Starbucks open next door.

How did they respond?  Like an entrepreneur should.  Refusing to let Starbucks define coffee in Kansas City.

Sara installed a roaster and notched up the quality of the coffee. Ten years later, Starbucks is gone and Broadway Roasting Co thrives. The phenomenon  repeats itself. Today, Kansas City is full of coffee roasters. Read more about Sara’s coffee roasting story.

This is happening in other cities. Pittsburgh has a long history of coffee roasters dating back to the early 1900’s.

Coffee just gets better. It’s not only fresh roast, but now it’s fair trade and organic. My perspective is that I will not buy coffee because it fair trade or organic. It must taste great too. Coffee growing regions have expanded. It’s now grown completely around the equatorial belt between the two tropics in microclimates producing hundreds of unique tasting coffees.

There are variations unique to specific countries as they are specially prepared.  White coffee with cloves and saffron and other spices. Coffee roasted to Vienne Roast, French, Italian and the very dark Turkish.

Unique machines are used from a simple plastic cone to the USD 11,000 Clover.

When you have your next coffee, take the time to smell the aroma, taste the flavor and feel the texture of each and every sip. And remember, it is easy to do the very same at home.

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