YOMO Coffee recently celebrated its fourth anniversary offering fresh roast coffee in Shanghai. Thank you very much for all your wonderful support. Hi, I’m Morris, founder of YOMO Artisan Roast Coffee. I’d like to let you know there are some changes in the air. First you see that we have brightened up the site a bit.

Fresh Roast Coffee in Shanghai

We not only deliver coffee to your home or office in Shanghai, but we also deliver fresh roast coffee to other parts of China and the world.   In fact, YOMO Artisan Roast Coffee has even found its way to the United States, Ireland, Malaysia and Germany, just to name a few.

If you enjoy the aroma and taste  of fresh roast coffee made from only premium green beans, please Contact Us so you can be the first to hear what happens next.

Meet one of my younger coffee drinkers. Will stopped by for a quick visit with his father.