The wonderful aroma and flavor of a cup of coffee all begins with the coffee bean. A dark roast coffee will taste much different from a lighter roast coffee.  It is all about the roast of the coffee.  How do you roast coffee beans?

You as a connoisseur of the better things in life, you know when you have an excellent tasting cup of fresh roast coffee.

How Do You Roast Coffee Beans?

Coffee beans are roasted using many techniques.  Coffee beans have been roasted for over one thousand years.  Over these years the tools used have changed. But the results are the same: fresh roast coffee.

Coffee is roasted using one of three basic methods: pan roasting, drum style roasting and fluid bed roasting.

Roasting Pan Coffee Roasting

Coffee Roasting PanOne of the easiest ways to roast coffee is simply use a pan and fire.  This is the method used in the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

Ethiopia is where coffee was discovered over 1,200 years ago.  It quickly spread through the Middle East to Europe and later to the USA. More about that in another story.

Ethiopians use a long handled pan similar to an old fashion popcorn roasting pan. The heat can be any sort of open flame.  The pan can be wok or skillet.

The coffee beans are





Drum-style Roast Coffee Machine

Travel to Pittsburgh; find coffee roasters who are using roasters over a hundred years old, the same way they have been since the beginning of the industrial age.

These roasters are drum-style roasters that rotate while heat is applied to the beans. The beans are roasted evenly until complete.  Apply too much heat, the tips may burn. Not enough heat, the beans bake.  Either way, the aroma and flavor suffers.

Drum roasters vary in size. Small sample roaster large enough to roast just a few grams of coffee apply the same concepts as very large roasters capable of roasting 300 kg or more coffee.



Fluid Bed Roasting

Invented by Michael Sivetz in the 1960’s, coffee is roasted in a stream of heated air.  The hot air is passed through the beans heating them evenly while the beans float and tumble.

The size of the roaster can range a very small home roaster large enough to brew a single pot of coffee to very large commercial machines.

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