Coffee Houses, Where Everyone Knows Your Name.

Following coffee through the centuries.  Third in a series. Coffee houses began to appear. It is recorded that the first coffee house was established in Damascus. Later in the 16th century, Constantinople. Coffee houses became the gathering place to discuss politics and business. They were places where people could freely criticize the government. Soon checkers, […]

Coffee beans soon traveled beyond the Ethiopian borders

Following coffee through the centuries.  Second in a series. Sometime around the sixth century, the coffee beans were taken to an area now known as Yemen.  The Arabs began growing the trees and first producing medicine, then as a beverage.  Fermenting the pulp of the cherries were used to produce wine.  They also boiled the […]

It all began when the goats started dancing.

Following coffee through the centuries.  First in a series. According to legend, the magic of the coffee bean was first discovered sometime around the fifth or sixth century by a goat herder in the area we know as Ethiopia. Goats were usually allowed to roam and graze freely eating pretty much anything wanted.  One night […]