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Coffee Roasting – What Do You Do When Starbucks Coffee Opens Next Door?

I remember growing up on the farm remembering my parents as they enjoyed their morning coffee. The coffee of choice was purchased in a sealed tin can already ground.  My mother made it in a percolator. Local coffee roasting was unheard of at the time. Fast forward from the 60’s to today. I found a […]

How Much #Coffee is #Produced in #Colombia?

Colombia is one of the world’s top coffee producers.  It is believed that coffee arrived in Colombia by way of a Jesuit priest sometime in the 1730’s. Colombia’s first export was a shipment of 2500 pounds that arrived in the United States in 1835.  By 1860, coffee was one of the dominant Colombian agricultural exports. […]

Goodbye Saarbrucken Coffee – Hello Shanghai Coffee

Our stay in Saarbrucken has come to an end.  In July it seemed as though four months would be a very long time. The stay was wonderful as we found little creature comforts to help us through the summer and fall.  As I mentioned earlier, I roast coffee in Shanghai. Enjoying great coffee was very […]

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Take a moment and look at the picture above. The plane ahead of me is a tractor. If you look closely, you will see a tow rope. The tractor pulls me to height of about 3,000 feet. The pilot ahead will wave with his wings. That is the signal that it is time let go. […]