When expert roaster Morris Nelson arrived in China, finding a great cup of fresh roast coffee in Shanghai seemed as difficult as mastering Mandarin. His friends in Shanghai had the very same experience. It didn’t take long until he decided to roast his own and provide both Expats and Chinese with one of the most wonderful pleasures nature has to offer.

We move at a bit slower pace. If you are in a rush for fast coffee, sorry. Our shop is not fancy, but simple. We use a different style of timer to signal your coffee is ready. Just wait for the last drop splash into the cup.

Our Coffee

Master Roaster Morris Nelson was trained by one of the  finest roasters in the world. He chooses only award winning specialty grade coffee beans to brew your coffee.

Because of this when the last bag of green beans are gone, he moves on to the next award winning specialty grade coffee.

Our love and passion for coffee is the reason I started YOMO Artisan Roast Coffee. We strive to make every cup of coffee an extraordinary experience for our customers.