Importance of Temperature in a Roast

What is one of the most important parts of a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey? It’s that little pop up button that tells you the bird is done. That little button pops up when the meat reaches a certain temperature. No thinking required. Just wait for the button. So, when is the turkey done? According to […]

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Coffee beans soon traveled beyond the Ethiopian borders

Following coffee through the centuries.  Second in a series. Sometime around the sixth century, the coffee beans were taken to an area now known as Yemen.  The Arabs began growing the trees and first producing medicine, then as a beverage.  Fermenting the pulp of the cherries were used to produce wine.  They also boiled the […]

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It all began when the goats started dancing.

Following coffee through the centuries.  First in a series. According to legend, the magic of the coffee bean was first discovered sometime around the fifth or sixth century by a goat herder in the area we know as Ethiopia. Goats were usually allowed to roam and graze freely eating pretty much anything wanted.  One night […]

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Fresh Roast Coffee

Fresh roast coffee is fabulous.  When I travel, I am on the lookout for a place to stop for a cup or a bag of fresh roasted coffee.  Fresh Roast Coffee is Big Business.  According to Hoovers, there are over 20,000 coffee shops in the USA alone. This represents about $10 billion in revenue. With over […]

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