Coffee Roasting – What Do You Do When Starbucks Coffee Opens Next Door?

I remember growing up on the farm remembering my parents as they enjoyed their morning coffee. The coffee of choice was purchased in a sealed tin can already ground.  My mother made it in a percolator. Local coffee roasting was unheard of at the time. Fast forward from the 60’s to today. I found a […]

Fresh Roast Coffee Delivered in Shanghai, China? No, Saarbrucken, Germany!

Ever since I arrived in Saarbrucken, I was in search for an excellent coffee roasting business.  You know, I have become quite spoiled since I have been roasting YOMO for several years now.  The grocery stores have the ‘famous’ Germany brands, several shops serving Illy, the local Starbucks.  It also seems that every street corner […]